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Green roofs on containers: benefits and tips

Jul 11, 2023 | Blog

Green roofs on containers

Green roofs on containers: benefits and tips

Already 5 years ago, the UN report *The World's Cities in 2018** showed how fast the number of people living in cities is growing. According to this report, in the year of publication, 55% of the world's population already lived in cities, and according to the authors, this number is expected to increase to 60% in 2030 and another 8% by 2050. As the population in cities grows, the demand for sustainable and efficient housing solutions also increases. It can already be seen that cities are beginning to look for new ways to meet the needs of residents. Green roofs on containers offer not only benefits for residents, but also benefits for the environment, which makes them an attractive solution for the cities of the future. You can make vegetable gardens in them, which allows you to grow your own vegetables and fruits in the middle of the city. What's more, rooftop gardens help retain rainwater and counteract the heat island effect, which has a positive effect on the climate of urban space. In this way, green roofs can be an element of sustainable urban architecture, which is increasingly needed in the era of such a rapid increase in their population.


Benefits of green roofs on containers

Like any green space in the city, green roofs on containers bring many benefits for improving the quality of life of residents. To begin with, it is worth highlighting their role in contributing to improving air quality by absorbing carbon dioxide and pollutants. In addition, they can be recreational areas for residents, as well as attract pollinating insects, which has a positive effect on the development of local flora and fauna. Secondly, properly designed green roofs provide natural thermal insulation, which helps to maintain a stable temperature inside container residential buildings. Importantly, green roofs on containers have a positive effect on the durability of the roof by protecting it against mechanical damage and weather conditions.

Air purification

Green roofs on containers are not only an aesthetic solution, but also have a positive effect on the health of residents. In cities with intense car traffic and high concentrations of air pollution, plants on green roofs play an important role in air filtration. Plants that are located on roof gardens act as natural air filters through the process of photosynthesis. Thanks to it, plants take carbon dioxide from the air and turn it into oxygen, which significantly improves air quality. In addition, they also absorb harmful substances and dust that are in the air, which contributes to improving the overall condition of the air. Green roofs on containers are therefore a great solution for cities where pollution is a big problem.

Lowering the temperature

Planting gardens on the roofs containers can become an important element in the fight against the so-called The heat island effect is particularly noticeable in large cities. With the intense development of urbanization, the large amount of concrete, asphalt and glass in the urban landscape contributes to the accumulation of heat and increase the temperature around buildings. This effect leads to an unpleasant feeling of suffocation, increased energy consumption for air conditioning and a deterioration in the quality of life in these areas. Green roof plants can play an important role in mitigating this phenomenon. Thanks to their ability to photosynthesis and transpiration, plants absorb solar radiation and evaporate water, which contributes to cooling the environment. This natural process has a noticeable effect on lowering the temperature around container residential. 

Water retention

Another benefit of green roofs on containers is their positive impact on the water balance. Firstly, they help reduce the effects of heavy rainfall. Thanks to the fact that green roofs absorb rainwater, the sewage system is less burdened, and the water can freely, slowly soak into the ground. What's more, thanks to water retention on the roof, the water level in the area increases, which improves the living conditions of plants and animals. Secondly, they help maintain balance in the water cycle. A layer of vegetation on the roof retains water, which is later used by plants more slowly. Thanks to the fact that the green roof works as a natural one warehouse water, you can minimize the risk of floods and droughts, which is especially important in the era of climate change. The retained water also contributes to an increase in the level of humidity in the air, which has a positive effect on the health and well-being of residents in the area.

Aesthetic benefits

In addition to the aforementioned practical ecological benefits, it is worth paying attention to the aesthetic aspects. Plants on the green roof are a beautiful sight for passers-by and residents, adding charm and harmony to the entire urban architecture. Their colors, lushness and variety of plant species attract attention and add character to the surroundings. With a green roof acting as a natural decoration, the appearance can be greatly enhanced building and increase its aesthetic value. It is worth emphasizing that such gardens are an important architectural trend that is changing modern cities around the world.

Recreation areas

Green roof on container it is also a matter of practical use of space. The roof garden can be transformed into a unique space that will provide residents with a place to relax and unwind. Such a garden can become an oasis of peace in the middle of the city hustle and bustle - a place where you can relax and enjoy the greenery, fresh air and silence. A green roof on a container is a natural garden that offers the possibility of growing various types of plants, such as vegetables, herbs or flowers. Thanks to this, you can arrange a space with comfortable furniture, hammocks or deckchairs, where you can relax, read a book, drink coffee or simply enjoy the peace and harmony with nature. It is the perfect way to create a unique place to rest and relax, as well as an idea for a restaurant garden.


What requirements must a container meet in order to create a green roof on it?

Establishment of a garden on the roof residential container is a practical and interesting solution for people who want to enjoy greenery in urban space. However, for such a green roof to be successful, it is crucial to ensure a solid construction of the container that will be able to withstand the additional load resulting from growing crops. Proper selection of materials and careful workmanship are the basic elements that should be paid attention to.

The first aspect is the choice of solid materials that will guarantee container adequate strength and resistance to changing weather conditions, especially humidity. Container it should be manufactured in such a way as to ensure durability and reliability for many years. It is worth paying attention to solid welds and appropriate anti-corrosion protection, i.e. adequate protection of the entire structure.

Another important element is the stable connection of the supporting structure with the rest of the container. It is important that it is properly fixed, ensuring not only the stability of the garden on the roof, but also not negatively affecting the rest of the building. In this case, strong welds and appropriate technology for connecting structural elements are of the greatest importance.

A suitable supporting structure should be made of solid cold-formed sections of appropriate thickness, solid manufacturers use 4 mm. Only such a selection of materials guarantees the construction the necessary strength and stability. It is also crucial to use solid sections of similar thickness to fasten the columns to the upper and lower frames. Reputable container manufacturers offer solutions that meet these requirements, ensuring not only solid performance, but also appropriate security and guarantees.


Practical tips for creating green roofs on containers

Creating a functional and beautiful green roof on a container is not as complicated as it may seem. It is worth sticking to a few practical tips so that the final effect is delightful.

  1. Choosing the right container

One of the key elements in creating a green roof on a container is the selection of the appropriate container. Choose a container from a reputable manufacturer to make sure it is stable and strong enough. Remember that it has to bear the additional load of the green roof: soil, water and plants. Pay attention to the strength of the container to ensure that the model you choose will be able to meet the requirements of creating a green roof.

  1. Proper roof preparation

The roof must be properly prepared before the "assembly" of the vegetation layer. Make sure the roof is clean, dry and free of any leaks. If the roof is not properly protected against moisture, it may be damaged and increase the risk of mold or fungus formation, also inside the container.

  1. Choosing the right plant species

Not all plants are suitable for growing on a green roof. Choose species that can withstand dry and windy conditions. Pay attention to soil and moisture requirements to ensure that the plants you choose will have the right conditions.

  1. drainage system

A green roof must have a proper drainage system to prevent plants from flooding and damaging the roof. Entrust the design and execution to professionals to avoid costly repairs later.

  1. Regular care

A green roof requires systematic care, primarily watering, but also fertilizing and pruning plants. Make sure you have the right tools and equipment to create the right conditions for vegetation on your green roof.

Rely on expert help

As you can see, green roofs on containers offer many benefits, both for residents and for the environment. They improve air quality, retain water, and introduce aesthetic and relaxation elements. However, there are a few important things to keep in mind when creating such spaces. First of all, it is necessary to choose the right container that will be durable and functional. It is also important to ensure proper insulation of the roof and the selection of appropriate vegetation that will grow well on a green roof. Finally, you can't forget about the irrigation system that will provide the plants with the right conditions for growth. Therefore, if you want to create a durable and functional green roof on living container, keep these aspects in mind and consult an expert in the field.


*The World's Cities in 2018 United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Population Division. New York, 2018.

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