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Why are container houses becoming more and more popular?

Apr 12, 2023 | Blog

Why are container houses becoming more and more popular?

Why houses container are more and more popular?

In times of economic turmoil and rising costs of living, we are increasingly looking for new ways to manage our budgets wisely. The biggest single maintenance expense is usually flat. Buying your own apartment for most of us means the need to take a loan for several decades, while renting it usually consumes about 35-60% of the household budget. Not everyone can afford a loan, and renting is a poor long-term solution because it does not increase our wealth. 

The solution to these problems for many people turned out to be container houses - more and more popular among people who are reasonable in managing their finances. In this article you will learn what container houses are and why Poles are increasingly choosing them as an alternative to classic ones houses brick.

What are container houses?

Container houses are used in transport sea ​​containers arranged for residential needs. Their main advantage is the extremely attractive value for money - they are much cheaper per square meter than classic apartments.

Their construction and assembly is quick, the total cost is low, and the available space can be freely adapted to your individual needs. They perfectly meet the needs of singles, and for families or more demanding customers, modular houses are also available, characterized by similar features as container houses, but with a larger usable space.

What are the benefits of building a container house compared to a classic brick house?

Why did Poles love container houses? The comfort of living in them is similar to classic apartments, but compared to brick houses, they have a number of advantages. The most important of them is, of course, the low price - it attracts interested parties and makes them consider the choice house container. In fact, they have many other benefits that often turn out to be more important than the price!

- Speed ​​of execution. Container houses can be ordered as ready-made modules that are delivered to the plot and assembled within a few weeks. You don't have to wait for foundations to be laid, masonry or installation work. The time separating you from making a purchase decision to moving in is often only about a month!

- Mobility and ergonomics. Container homes can be moved to another location at any time if the needs or preferences of the owner change. If you ever decide to move - you can easily transport yours sun to a new place residence! Expansion is just as easy - container houses can be easily expanded with additional modules, creating any layout and area. 

- Comfort and convenience. Container houses allow you to arrange them freely - it's a myth that they have to be modest or uncomfortable! If you wish, you can bet on a luxurious premium interior. In addition, they are well insulated and ventilated.

- Ecology and energy saving. Container houses are environmentally friendly, and their production involves much less waste and pollution. The steel from which they are made is durable and easy to dispose of. Thanks to good insulation, they are characterized by low energy demand.

How to choose the right container house?

When deciding to buy a container house, it is worth considering the purchase in order to make the decision that best suits your needs. This solution offers great flexibility and allows you to create the apartment of your dreams - so it's worth taking full advantage of this opportunity!

- Size and shape. Container houses can come in various sizes and shapes, depending on the number containers and how to connect them. You can choose a single container house, which is ideal for singles or small families, or opt for a house modular, consisting of ready-made segments of various shapes and functions that can be freely combined with each other. It is important to match the size and shape of the house to the size of the plot, terrain conditions and, above all, your individual needs and expectations!

- Functional layout. Container houses can have different functional layouts, depending on our personal preferences. You can choose a house with an open space that connects the living room, kitchen and dining room, or with a more divided structure for more privacy and sound insulation. You can also opt for a model with one or more floors, depending on your preferences and technical capabilities. A wide range of available options allows you to plan the functional layout of the house so that it is ergonomic and meets the expectations of residents.

- Finish and equipment. Container homes can come in a variety of finishes and furnishings, depending on the budget and lifestyle of the occupants. Depending on your preferences, you can choose a house with a high standard of finish and internal equipment, which provides comfort and luxury, or choose an interior with a simple and minimalist finish and internal equipment.

Is a container house the solution for you?

In this article, we have presented the most important reasons why container houses are becoming more and more popular among people looking for modern, ecological and economical housing solutions. They are characterized by quick and easy assembly, low costs construction and maintenance, high quality and durability, and the ability to adapt to individual needs and preferences. People looking for larger usable spaces can opt for modular houses, which have similar advantages as container ones.

We specialize in offering modern housing solutions for people looking for an alternative to classic, expensive construction. If you have any questions, please contact us - our advisor will answer all your questions and help you decide whether the house containerized is a solution that will meet your needs and expectations.

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