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Modular houses as recreational and tourist facilities

June 5, 2023 | Blog

Poles undoubtedly like to travel and choose an active holiday or vacation instead of sitting in house in front of the TV. Tourist and recreational facilities located in our country are particularly popular - Poles are much less willing to go abroad. We love the Polish sea, Masuria and the Tatra Mountains, which are also willingly visited by guests from abroad. As a result, this creates a powerful and thriving tourism industry where many entrepreneurs look to reach customers and profit. One of the main problems is, of course, the costs - renting or buying space in an attractive tourist location usually requires a huge amount of money. However, there are alternative solutions that allow you to achieve your business goals and enter the tourism industry at low cost and low risk. These are modular houseswhich are great as recreational and tourist facilities. In this article you will learn what they are and how they can help you realize your dreams and develop your own tourism business.


What are modular houses?

Building houses modular systems consists in manufacturing their elements in a factory outside the place of their subsequent assembly. To the field construction ready-made modules with installed doors, windows and electrical, water and sewage and heating installations are delivered. Each object is produced on carpet factory using modern equipment, under conditions that ensure optimal temperature, humidity, cleanliness and compliance with all building standards. Thanks to this, the risk of construction errors is significantly reduced compared to classic construction. In addition, installing components such as doors and windows under factory conditions guarantees greater accuracy and better quality control.
To insulate the buildings, mineral wool is used in combination with a vapor barrier foil and a roof membrane. modules offered by reputable manufacturers are characterized by a low heat transfer coefficient at the level of U=0,2 W/(m²*K).


Why is it worth considering modular houses as recreational and tourist facilities?

Cottages modular have a number of advantages. They will be appreciated by many entrepreneurs, but above all by people operating in the tourism industry. The advantages of modular houses as recreation and tourist facilities are not limited to lower costs, but they are often the most important for business owners. So let's start by discussing the price!

Modular house - how much does it cost?

The cost of a turnkey modular house starts from PLN 55000 net. At this price you will get modular house with an area of ​​14,4 m2 with a living room with a kitchenette and a bathroom. It will work great as cheap flat holidays for tourists on a small budget.
The offer of available modular houses is of course much wider. You can buy it for PLN 100000 net model with a usable area of ​​30,42 m2. The largest and most expensive of the available models costs PLN 180000 net - this a two-story structure with a total of 57,8 m2 of usable space.
The prices of modular houses are of course much more attractive than the construction of a classic, brick one building. And this despite the fact that they are not inferior to standard solutions - but offer a number of additional benefits!

Modular house as a recreational and tourist facility - production speed

Another key advantage of modular construction is the speed of production. Houses modular are made in strictly controlled factory conditions. Such a production model not only allows for much better quality control, but also significantly speeds up the entire process. This also means that the construction of a modular house can be started even before the plot is prepared.
You can calmly find and prepare the site when the houses are already in production. This will allow you to avoid delays and significantly speed up the process of reaping profits from your investments.

Simplicity of assembly

What if you have already chosen the right place, a sun was prepared by the manufacturer? It is transported to the site and installed, which means e.g. connection to the sewer or electricity. The entire process usually takes a few hours and almost never more than a day.


Speaking of transport and assembly, it is worth mentioning another and for many entrepreneurs the most important advantage of modular houses as recreational and tourist facilities. Even after installation and assembly, the houses can be transported to another place at low cost!
This means that you do not have to worry about the risk of wrong investment at the stage of choosing a location. When choosing a classic solution, if the location does not work out and does not attract tourists, it means huge losses, and the entire facility is mainly suitable for demolition. By choosing modular homes, you can simply buy land in another area, move all the homes and start again, this time in a more secure location.
This unusual feature of modular houses allows for a drastic reduction of the investment risk, but also for dynamic response to the changing needs of the market.
Tourism, like any other industry, is characterized by trends. Some places suddenly gain popularity, attract tens of thousands of tourists, only to lose the sympathy of travelers after a few years. The choice of modular houses allows you to easily and safely monetize the rapidly changing tourist trends, and your modular houses can always be in a place that is particularly popular at the moment.


Modular houses - attractive and stylish design

It is worth remembering that despite the lower price, modular houses are characterized by excellent aesthetic values. The external cladding made of pine facade board guarantees that the objects will attract tourists and evoke the feeling of a high-quality object.
The interior can be arranged according to your individual preferences, taste and idea for your company. Installed by default furniture they are also an excellent choice and fit very well with the entire structure, and choosing them will definitely save you some time and costs related to arranging the space.

Modular houses as recreational and tourist facilities | Ultramodulae

Modular house interior visualization | Ultramodulae

Does a modular house as a recreational and tourist facility require a building permit?

Polish law construction It is not simple and often raises doubts. This also applies to modular houses, which can be treated as buildings and are subject to the obligation to obtain a building permit, but this is not always the case.
You do not need a permit if the modular house will stand in the same place for no more than 180 days. In this case, it is enough that you inform the competent architectural and construction administration authority about it before starting the work. It is important to do this before assembling and installing the houses!
However, if you plan to use the cottage for more than 180 days, you will usually need a building permit. There are some exceptions, but they depend on the individual judgment of officials and courts. Therefore, it is better to assume that permission is required. If you want to avoid this – use the advice of a lawyer who will assess your specific case.
In the case of modular houses used as tourist facilities: they are often used mainly during the season, but they are in a given location all year round. In such a situation, we recommend obtaining a building permit.

You can apply for a building permit at the city or county office.

Modular house

Modular house | Ultramodulae

Modular houses are an increasingly popular choice among entrepreneurs in the tourism industry for a reason. This solution is not only attractive in terms of price, but also mobile, flexible and quick in production, and above all - high quality. The choice of modular structures allows you to reduce costs, investment risk and better respond to changing market trends. Do you want to buy a modular house or are you wondering if this is a solution for you? Contact us and our customer advisor will help you make the right decision!


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