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Modular houses - where their growing popularity comes from?

Dec 16, 2021 | Blog

The construction industry is developing very dynamically, therefore brick houses are no longer the only option but only an alternative when building your own socket. Modular houses are gaining more and more popularity. They are brought to the plot in several modules and then assembled within a few days.

modular house

How are modular houses manufactured?

Modular houses they differ from traditional ones in that they are made in the production hall. Here, a steel skeleton of the structure is created, which is enclosed with properly insulated walls, installations, windows and doors are mounted, and then the whole is transported to a place designated by the customer, where the foundation slab has already been prepared.

Where does the growing popularity of modular houses come from?

1. Short lead time

The time from the decision to move in is from a few to several weeks, and the largest part is occupied by the production process in the company. When the modules are ready, they are transported to the plot and the assembly begins, which takes several days.

2. The minimum number of matters and formalities to be dealt with

The interested client is required to purchase a plot of land, provide a plot map and prepare a foundation slab. There is no need to look for various contractors, buy and keep an eye on materials or equipment. The works are carried out by an experienced team and they are kept to a minimum.

3. Energy efficiency

The walls, floor and roof are built in such a way as to maximally isolate the interior of the house from external conditions. Appropriate insulation with mineral wool and mineral wool granules and the way of joining the elements translate into significant savings.

4. Price

The offer of Ultramodula modular houses is one of the most competitive offers due to the innovative method of construction. The purchase price of such a house turns out to be significantly lower compared to the purchase of a flat, therefore it is no wonder that more and more people decide to buy such a house.

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