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Containers - a perfect space for coworking and working together

May 20, 2023 | Blog

Office and social containers | Ultramodulae

Containers office and social | Ultramodulae

In recent years, the labor market has undergone a number of huge changes. For a long time, remote work has been becoming more and more popular, and with it the community of e.g. digital nomads - i.e. people who live in constant travel thanks to the opportunities offered by fully remote work - has been gaining strength. The popularization of these changes was undoubtedly helped by the pandemic, which forced employers to work remotely, and employees got used to a new form of luxury, allowing them to work from any place of their choice.
Changes in the labor market have created new needs, and thus opportunities to earn money for enterprising people who will address and satisfy these needs properly. One of these needs is… belonging to a place and a team among remote workers. Despite resigning from the office – many people still find themselves better in a classic space prepared for work, allowing them to maintain greater motivation, perseverance and maintain social contacts.

The implementation of these goals is possible thanks to coworking spaces, and one of the most effective methods of creating them is coworking spaces office containers. In this article you will find out why!


Container - why is it worth taking a closer look at it?

most container associated with transport, which does not necessarily evoke good associations. After all, how could a container used for packaging and safe handling of goods and goods work in utility applications?
The association with logistics is apt, but if based on it you drew conclusions similar to those above - they are very far from the truth! While it may not be intuitive at first glance…
Transport is one of the largest branches of our economy - a concrete foundation without which our entire civilization could not function. Free trade and movement of raw materials is so normal in our world that we don't even consider the abstract scenario where it is scarce; and even slight disturbances in this market, such as restrictions in the supply of electricity, are sufficient to cause a crisis on a global scale.
The huge responsibility and importance of the logistics industry means that it can only afford the absolute best and most efficient solutions, and the container, one of the most elementary elements of the transport process, meets exactly these criteria.
It is a metal structure with walls made of sheet metal, characterized by excellent durability, strength and resistance - regardless of changing weather conditions, having a very long life and usefulness for work. In practice, this construction is so strong that thanks to appropriate adaptation and equipment, it is able to perform the same functions as classic buildings!
dimensions containers and their construction is standardized, and thus easy to automate, which significantly reduces production costs - which is another key advantage and advantage of spaces created from containers.


A container for coworking and working together - how to create a functional office out of it?

The container used for work must meet the same standards that Polish law imposes on classic ones offices.
From the basic issues, the container must have doors, windows, electrical water and sewage installations, heating and insulation installed.
In addition, it must meet a number of health and safety standards, i.e. rules prepared specifically for workplaces. The existence of these rules is not groundless - their purpose is to provide a comfortable and safe workplace for employees and to avoid abuses by employers who, in order to reduce costs, deprive their team of equipment enabling basic functioning and work in safe conditions. This is the most important health and safety regulation that must be met office container for coworking:

Container offices manufacturer

Offices container | Ultramodulae

Room sanitary – office users need access to both a toilet and a room that serves as a simple kitchen – allowing for the storage and preparation of meals. In the basic variant, you should equip the sanitary room with a fridge, microwave, electric kettle, table and chairs. If your budget allows, add a coffee maker as well. This is especially important in the case of coworking spaces, where users will usually expect slightly higher than basic standards!

Lighting - In container it must be bright enough - enough to allow for fully comfortable work. This means that the light cannot be too dark or too intense, and its color should be neutral for the eyes and not distracting. It is important to ensure the supply of natural sunlight and artificial lighting. LED lights are particularly popular, offering excellent quality with low energy consumption. With coworking spaces, it will be crucial to create working conditions so that people with different expectations are able to find a "slice for themselves", ideally suited to their needs.

Temperature – It should not be too hot or too cold in a coworking space. The legal requirements are 14°C in warm weather and 18°C ​​in cold weather. According to research institutes dealing with the comfort of employees, optimal conditions are 23,9-26,7 ° C in summer and 20-22,8 ° C in winter. When creating a coworking space, you must be aware that it will be used by very different people. They may come from different countries with different climates and have completely different habits regarding the temperature in the workplace than those we are used to in Poland. That is why it is important that your coworking space allows you to easily change the temperature, adapting it to the current needs of users.

Humidity and ventilation – moisture protection and ventilation is both common sense and clearly defined by law. To meet these requirements, tilting windows and regular airing of the structure are often enough.


Preparing a container as a coworking space - how to meet all requirements with low time and cost?

As you can see, the list of legal requirements for a utility structure, especially one intended for work, is long!

However, we have good news for you - you don't have to worry about most of them! Just order office container that meets all standards and is ready for use – our company specializes in their production and sale!

Such a container meets all the basic functional requirements and health and safety standards - remember, however, that especially in a coworking office, people using it can expect more than the minimum. Selection ready container adapted for office purposes will relieve you of a significant part of your duties, but properly preparing the place so that it meets more demanding expectations will still require appropriate preparation and planning.


A container for coworking and working together - what advantages does it offer compared to classic offices?

You already know that the containers are distinguished by durability and an extremely attractive price. What else makes them an increasingly popular choice among entrepreneurs?
One of the key advantages of containers is their mobility and flexibility. Do you want to create a coworking space in response to the current situation on the market and do not want to wait, for example, a year or two to build or find the right premises?
The production and assembly of the container takes about 3-4 weeks - so the time from the moment of choosing the right model to the moment when it is ready to work is often just one month!
As you know, the former often wins on the market. Possibly the one with the largest marketing budget 😉 while priority gives a huge advantage, and the use of containers is the perfect opportunity to use it.
If the market situation changes, another of the advantages characteristic of containers will come in handy - the ease of their transport. If you ever decide that your coworking space would work better elsewhere, you can simply move your already finished container there!
As a last resort, you can even change the industry completely ... and have it ready right away office to work, possible to be placed in any location.
Containers are an extraordinary freedom, which from the perspective of a person used to classic solutions, can be hard to imagine!


Modular design

Another advantage of the containers is the modular design. Thanks to its use, the containers can be combined with each other, thus increasing the usable area. This allows you to easily expand your coworking office as your business grows and attracts more clients.

Containers - a perfect space for coworking and working together | Ultramodulae

Office containers

Coworking container - what about the building permit and property tax?

If you only plan to use the container for less than 180 days, you do not need to obtain a building permit. In such a situation, all you have to do is submit a notification about the erection of the structure to the appropriate architectural and construction administration authority. Remember to do this before you start working!
If the container is to be used for more than 180 days, it is usually considered a normal building and requires a building permit. However, there are some exceptions to this rule, depending on how the official assesses the case. In order not to run into problems with the law, we advise you to obtain a building permit. However, if you prefer to avoid this, you should consult a solicitor who will investigate your specific case.
As in the case of a traditional office, you will also pay real estate tax for an office container.

Container offices

Containers support entrepreneurs in many different industries, and creating coworking spaces is just one of their many uses (you can read about many others on our blog!). Are you interested in buying a container or do you have any questions? Contact us and our customer advisor will answer all your questions!

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