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Containers as information points and tourist promotion

June 2, 2023 | Blog

Running your own business has been a nightmare for many entrepreneurs lately. An increasingly complicated and less favorable tax system, inflation and recession on the market are a situation in which companies reduce expenses, risk and look for savings. There are many ways to do it, as soon as you go beyond the most common schemes and norms. One of the perfect ways to manage your budget more effectively are containers, which in many cases are able to effectively replace classic buildings. One of such cases are information and tourist promotion points, where, in addition to a lower price, they are also used containers brings with it a number of other advantages. In this article you will find out why it is worth using containers as information points and tourist promotion!


A container as a point of information and tourist promotion - a durable and mobile solution

Information points are an essential element in many places - such as concerts, fairs or conferences. In each of these places, it is necessary to ensure that the participants of the events are able to easily and efficiently obtain the information they are interested in. For indoor events building usually not a problem. However, when organizing an outdoor event, the point must not only have adequate visibility, but also protect the person performing his work in it along with his tools, such as a computer.
This is very important - after all, the weather can be unpredictable, and an unprepared information point in an outdoor location may be forced to close in the event of rain or even stronger wind, leaving the participants of the event on their own, without the possibility of obtaining the necessary information.
It is also necessary to protect the employee's equipment against theft, e.g. at night - which is especially important at mass events, such as concerts or festivals. An information point in the form of a tent would need to be guarded all night or simply deconstructed to avoid devastation by drunk and adventurous participants of the event - after all, we all know the realities of music events with a large number of participants.

Containers as information points and tourist promotion | Ultramodule

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What is a container?

You already know that container it can be very useful at events as an information point and tourist promotion. But what exactly is a container?
It is a powerful, very durable structure with a metal shaft and walls made of sheet metal. It comes from the logistics industry, which is characterized by extremely high requirements. After all, transport is the foundation of our entire economy, and optimization and cost reduction is particularly important there.
In response to the very high requirements of the logistics industry, based on research and the trial and error method, an almost perfect object was created - a container. It is characterized not only by excellent durability and resistance to both impacts and changing weather conditions, but also by ease of production and low costs.
These unique properties make the container more and more often chosen as an alternative to classic construction, and the information point or tourist promotion are just two examples of its use. It is also used as office, a house tourist or even flatready to meet the expectations and needs of both the single and the whole family.
A raw container, of course, will not meet the expectations of its inhabitants and most entrepreneurs, but its adaptation to the needs of use, through, among others, installation of insulation, doors, windows, electrical and sewage installations is not difficult! Moreover, you don't have to do it yourself. There are many companies on the market that sell ready-to-use containers.


Container as an information and tourist promotion point - how much does it cost?

You are probably wondering what cost you have to take into account when choosing a container as an information or tourist promotion point. Behind container adapted to the needs of the information point you will pay from approx. PLN 17000 to approx. PLN 27000 for a facility with an area from 6 m2 to 15,4 m2. As you can see, the price is extremely attractive, but the container has a number of additional advantages!

Why is it worth choosing a container as a tourist promotion or information point?

  • Short delivery time - Production container is just a few weeks, and its assembly and installation is a matter of a few hours. This allows for quick and efficient organization of events, placing key points within one day.
  • Flexibility and mobility – Containers, unlike classic buildings, are easy to transport. Once prepared, you can easily move the structure to another place or you will be able to use it in the next edition of the event organized next year. The container will be ready with all the necessary equipment - just install it in the right place!
  • Comfort – The container gives you a lot of freedom in designing and arranging the interior. You can easily adapt its equipment to your individual needs and requirements.
  • Ecology and low operating costs – Containers are more environmentally friendly than classic construction because they generate less waste. In addition, the container is easy to use, repair and refurbish, and thanks to its high durability, it simply rarely requires renovation work.
  • architecture modular – one of the greatest advantages of containers is the simplicity of their expansion. If you need a bigger tourist promotion or information point in the future, you don't have to create it completely from scratch. All you have to do is expand the already existing and ready to work container with another one.
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Does the container as an information point require a building permit?

Right construction in Poland is not very clear and often raises doubts. This is also the case with containers, which may be considered buildings and require a building permit. However, it is not obvious.
You do not need a permit if the container will stand in one place for no longer than 180 days. Then it is enough to report this fact to the competent architectural and construction administration authority before starting work.
However, if you intend to use the container for more than 180 days, you will usually need a building permit. Exceptions are possible, but they depend on the individual judgment of officials and courts. Therefore, it is better to assume that permission is necessary. If you want to avoid this – seek legal advice that will assess your specific case.
If you are organizing an event, you don't have to worry about building permits - after all, they usually don't last longer than 180 days. However, if you want to set up an information point or a tourist promotion on a permanent basis, you will usually need the appropriate permission.
You can apply for a building permit at the city or county office.

As you can see, containers can be a great solution for entrepreneurs and event organizers. Their unique properties, and above all durability and mobility, make them an excellent alternative to classic solutions. If you are considering purchasing a container and have any questions, please contact us. Our customer advisor will answer all your doubts and help you make the best decision!

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