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Storage containers - why is it worth it?

Nov 8, 2022 | Blog

The warehouse is an unusual usable space. On the one hand, it is necessary in virtually every company, especially commercial, and on the other hand, it is often neglected. Often the area is not matched to the needs, and this generates a mess - with too much space, the goods are simply not optimally laid out, with too little space, employees use every centimeter of space, which makes it difficult to release the goods later. It is known that when choosing a warehouse space, the most important thing is the price. Is there a way to have a functional warehouse without incurring high costs? They are the solution containers warehouse.


storage container

Container warehouse


How to arrange a warehouse in a container?

To start with, think carefully about how much storage space your company needs at this point, and then add some meters to your stock. Depending on the type of goods to be stored in the warehouse, you have to decide whether or not storage containers will be stacked or not. This is an important stage of planning, because not all objects available on the market allow you to put them on top of each other.

Whether given or not storage container has the option of stacking depends on its construction. Adequate frame strength container it should be welded from cold-formed sections with a thickness of 4 mm. But for the whole pavilion was strong, the columns bolted to the upper and lower frames must be made of solid sections (preferably cold-bent, also 4 mm thick).

The third step is to choose the right options so that the final warehouse meets our expectations. Professional producers containers warehouses offer the ability to adjust the load capacity of the floor, the width of the entrance gate, the number of closing bolts and the options of insulation or electrical installation.

After determining the size and all configurations, all you need to do is select the appropriate container (or containers), set up a block foundation and wait for delivery. The assembly itself is carried out with the use of a crane or HDS, and takes only a dozen or so minutes. Such a short lead time is a big advantage of storage containers.

Manufacturer of storage containers

Storage container with a gate


Storage container price and maintenance cost

Buy storage container these are low costs, especially when compared to building your own building. Of course, when the alternative is to rent space, the starting budget is certainly larger. However, it is worth developing a good financial analysis - the costs of maintaining the container after purchase are practically zero. There is no need to heat it (unless it is required by the goods stored in it) or to hire a person to look after it.

It is also important that the costs incurred can be partially recovered if the warehouse is no longer needed. Reselling a container is a simple process, and there is a lot of interest on the market to buy these types of objects second-hand.

storage container with sliding gate

Storage container with a roller gate


Security and durability of storage containers

A question that often arises when buying a container as a warehouse is the issue of appropriate security. As you know, the warehouse must protect the goods against both potential theft and damage caused, for example, by moisture or too low temperature.

The storage container is almost identical in design to the sea ​​container, which ensures that moisture is not a problem for him. However, the key to good thermal insulation is building walls, roof and floor. Each of these elements must be properly insulated. Reputable manufacturers use mineral wool with a thickness of at least 50 mm with a vapor barrier foil for this purpose. It is also worth paying attention to the quality of door and window joinery - modern PVC solutions ensure tightness.

A separate topic is protection against hacking. Storage containers can be equipped with extensive access control systems. Choosing the right method is important and depends on individual needs and, above all, the type of goods or equipment stored in a given warehouse. Professional security bolts offered by manufacturers are a good standard containers.

The container is painted with graphite paint

We paint the containers with polyurethane paint (to choose from the RAL palette)


Who is the storage container for?

Warehouses are primarily associated with trading companies and in fact they most often use the solution of storage containers. However, these types of facilities are also a great place to store any equipment or tools on the yards construction. The speed and ease of assembly, as well as the possibility of efficient transfer to another place, make them as often as commercial companies decide to purchase them construction. Regardless of the season and difficult conditions at the construction site, the container always remains tight, and the valuable construction equipment stored in it does not deteriorate when exposed to weather conditions.

storage container inside

Storage container inside


Storage containers and its advantages

Different goods, different industries and different needs: storage containers will be a good solution for everyone. Which of their advantages are particularly worth emphasizing?

  • lead time - quick assembly
  • low costs: both for the purchase and installation, as well as for subsequent use
  • modular construction allowing for the warehouse expansion when the need arises
  • quick disassembly or transfer to another place

When choosing a warehouse for your goods or equipment at the construction site, it is worth considering the purchase of a container. Bought from a proven one producer is an investment for years, and its costs will pay off quickly when you do not have to pay for the rental of warehouse space.

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