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Sanitary containers in Wolbrom

Jul 1, 2022 | Blog

We invite you to view photos from our project implementation sanitary containers in the swimming pool area in Wolbrom.

This time we delivered a set of 3 for one of our clients containers forming the base sanitary bathing areas. The internal layout of the containers has been designed in such a way as to obtain separate toilets for women, men and a toilet for the disabled. The bathrooms are equipped with compact toilets, washbasins, shower cubicles, urinals, handrails for the disabled.

All provided by us containers they are adequately insulated and have an electrical installation. Hot water is supplied from large electric boilers. The internal surfaces are made of easily washable materials, and on the floor we have installed an industrial carpet adapted to intensive use.

Jako producer containers, we can produce modules of any dimensions and combine them into larger sets of any configuration.

Office pavilion
Office pavilion
Office pavilion

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