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Welfare containers on construction sites

Dec 27, 2022 | Blog

For many years containers They not only serve as transport, but also work well as warehouses, offices or social buildings for employees. They have become a permanent part of the square landscape construction, both for small and large-scale investments. Today it is hard to imagine a large construction without at least a few buildings container. What makes containers so popular? Are they really the best solution for construction companies?


Does every construction need social facilities?

It goes without saying that social facilities for employees are needed on every construction site. In the case of a small, individual investment, e.g. the construction of a single-family house, a small room is sufficient, often already located on the plot, e.g. a house summer house owners. However, even in the case of a private construction project, it often happens that the land for the building was purchased just before the start of work and there is no place for the construction crew. The matter is even more complex in the case of large investments lasting many months or years. Then the issue of social facilities for employees is one of the key issues affecting the efficiency of work.

People working on the construction site undoubtedly need a place where they can change before and after work. A bathroom with a toilet and at least a small kitchen are also necessary. This is specified in the health and safety regulations. Pursuant to the regulation of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy on general occupational health and safety regulations, the following premises are considered social facilities:

  • changing rooms,
  • washrooms,
  • paragraphs,
  • shower rooms,
  • dining rooms (except canteens),
  • shelter from the cold,
  • rooms for washing, decontamination, drying, dedusting of work or protective clothing.

Importantly, each of these functions can be placed in container.

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Social container inside


Advantages of a social container on construction sites

One of the first advantages containers is their cost – during any construction, be it an individual build or a large investment, budget is of the utmost importance. The prices of individual elements are extremely important. It is clear that investors do not save on high-quality building materials or on the remuneration of a professional team. However, they look for savings wherever possible. On the one hand, the functionality of social facilities is important, but no one wants to incur high costs of providing it. A container is the perfect solution to this dilemma.

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Social containers made to order | Ultramodule


Insulated and solid construction

The hallmark of good quality social containers is their solid construction, which allows stacking. This is important in the case of large investments - it reduces the space needed to accommodate the appropriate number of rooms for employees. However, placing the containers on top of each other will only be possible if the appropriate parameters of the construction elements are maintained. The frame should be welded from cold-formed sections with a thickness of 4 mm, and the columns bolted to the upper and lower frames must be made of durable sections. The best is also cold-bent 4 mm thick.

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Insulated and solid construction container social | Ultramodule

It is important that social containers meet the health and safety requirements specifying that social facilities are rooms used to shelter from the cold. The facilities offered by reputable manufacturers are insulated with 100 mm thick mineral wool, which is secured with a vapor barrier foil. For a better effect, they are lined with a 12 mm thick laminated board from the inside, which is an additional insulating layer.


Mobility and quick assembly

Another advantage of containers as social rooms on construction sites is their mobility. It is easy to move them from place to place when the work moves to another construction area. The container can also be resold without any problems after the investment is completed. 

Social container

Transportation of social containers | Ultramodule

The great advantages are also the speed and ease of assembly. You don't need a foundation to set up the container, just a few foundation blocks on a well-hardened ground. Welfare containers are fully assembled and delivered to the construction site by the manufacturer, ready to be erected. Installation at the destination takes literally several minutes, is done using a crane or HDS. At the end, all you need to do is connect the electricity and water and sewage connections.


Purchase or rental?

Is it worth buying a container to own, or is it better to rent a facility for the duration of construction? This decision seems relatively simple if you properly calculate the costs of use. For large real estate developers or road builders, the purchase of containers on their own is a matter of course. It is worth remembering that one of the key advantages of containers is the aforementioned mobility. Ease of adaptation is also important, which in practice means that a specific container does not always have to have the same purpose. During one investment, it can be used as social facilities for employees, and during the next as a social facility office or small warehouse construction equipment. In addition, containers can (and should) be moved from one construction site to another.

For private investors, it is a much more profitable solution container rental social. It will be used once for a fairly clearly defined, not very long time.


Social containers have only advantages

Both private investors and large companies construction they need social support. Containers are an excellent solution that has practically only advantages. In summary, the most important are:

  • very lead time
  • quick and easy assembly
  • low costs: both buying and placing
  • meeting health and safety requirements
  • building modular, giving the possibility of stacking, i.e. saving space on the construction site
  • quick transfer to another place

When planning the investment budget, it is always worth looking for savings, and the choice of a container as a social base is one of them.

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