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A two-story building composed of containers

June 20, 2022 | Blog

A two-story building composed of containers

 Modular containers it is a perfect solution if we care about a short time construction, without sacrificing functionality. Objects from containers modular are becoming more and more popular, not only as year-round domybut also hotels, dormitories or company headquarters. Especially that nothing stands in the way of creating two-story buildings from several containers.

Building The concept of a two-story modular facility is actually placing containers on top of each other, creating any arrangement of space and expansion both horizontally and vertically, using every available space. The construction of multi-story buildings is possible due to the lightness and durability of the steel structure containers. Single containers are specially adapted to live and work at any time of the year - regardless of the prevailing weather conditions. The walls are filled with mineral wool and their surface is covered with coated chipboards, the containers are also equipped with PVC windows, electrical installation and heating.

Ultramodulae implements a project of a two-story building, consisting of 14 containers. This project assumes equipping each floor with rooms office and fully equipped bathrooms on each floor. Ultramodulaa will equip the facility with steel stairs with a platform and anti-burglary doors. Below we present a 3D model of such an object.

Warming the floor in a modular cottage
Warming the floor in a modular cottage

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