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The container pavilion as a lecture and educational room - an effective and cheap solution

May 29, 2023 | Blog

Container school

school with containers

Education is one of the safest branches of business. People will always strive to develop their skills and competences, looking for facilities that will increase their chances on the labor market and enable them to pursue their passions. State education does not always allow this - a small number of places and the lack of many majors are one of the main reasons why pupils and students willingly choose private schools. Unfortunately, creating the right place to conduct classes is usually a high cost. Especially renting a place that often has to have a large area and be able to accommodate many classes. One of the solutions to significantly reduce costs is pavilions container. In this article, you will learn what they are and how they can increase the profitability of your business in the education industry.


What is a container pavilion?

You're probably wondering what it is pavilion containerized and how can it be used as a lecture and educational room?

The container pavilion is a form container, which has been equipped with large windows, giving the structure an attractive, modern look and giving access to a large amount of natural lighting. The pavilions look really great, and their proper arrangement will make them perfectly represent your educational institution!
Sam container comes from the transport industry and it owes its extraordinary durability combined with simplicity and low production costs. Logistics is an extremely demanding area of ​​our economy - a colossus on whose foundations our entire economy stands. The transport for its needs needed a structure that would withstand long-term operation in very difficult and often changing conditions, while maintaining a low production cost. After all, it is crucial that transport remains cheap, especially over long distances.
By trial and error, an almost perfect object was developed! Based on a metal shaft and walls made of sheet metal, the container is characterized by very high durability and resistance, and thanks to standardization and automation, it is simple and cheap to manufacture.
Thanks to this containers and container pavilions can easily compete with classic, brick buildings and are widely used in business, not only as lecture halls, but also offices, service locations or premises sanitary; as well as a cheaper housing alternative.
Containers can be purchased in a raw version, but usually a much better solution is to choose a model that has already been adapted to the needs of use and equipped with insulation or electrical and sewage installations.


The container pavilion as a lecture and educational hall - benefits

How can your facility benefit from using containers as classrooms and educational spaces? The primary benefit, of course, is price – cost container pavilion suitable for a lecture hall it ranges from PLN 21000 to PLN 32000. It is not easy to calculate that in the long term, building based on pavilions is much cheaper than classic rental. The pavilions are available in sizes from 6 m2 to 15,4 m2, but thanks to modular construction, you can freely combine them in a way that will accommodate even large classes and ensure the possibility of creating all the rooms necessary for the effective running of an educational institution.
Maintaining a container is also cheap. High-quality insulation makes them hold temperature well and is easy to heat in winter, and the structure rarely requires repairs and maintenance.
Pavilions are easy to arrange and adapt to individual needs. Thanks to this, regardless of whether you run a school of management, music or fashion design, you can easily adapt the container pavilion to the needs related to the nature of the classes.
Another asset pavilions container is the speed and simplicity of them construction and assembly. Selection, purchase and installation pavilion in the selected location often takes only a few weeks in total, which is usually much shorter than finding a suitable and meeting all the requirements for a rental property.
In addition, container pavilions are an ecological solution, and their production is associated with the production of less waste and pollution than classic construction.

Expand and take wherever you want - flexibility of container pavilions 

Another great advantage of container pavilions, which will be appreciated by the owners of educational institutions, is their flexibility
Firstly, containers are very easy to transport and move. This means that if you ever find a better location to run your business, you can simply transport your containers to a new location. Of course, this process is not only much simpler, but also cheaper than the classic move and change of headquarters.
Secondly, containers can be freely expanded. This means that when your school gains more popularity, the number of classes and students will increase - you can easily expand the existing premises to meet the needs and demands of a larger business at a later stage of its development. This is a huge market advantage for every entrepreneur, allowing for easy expansion of the company with low financial risk.


Container pavilion as a lecture hall, what about health and safety?

Lecture and educational halls, like any workplace, must meet certain health and safety requirements. Container pavilions do not differ from classic premises in this respect and are burdened with the same obligations.
You must take care of about adequate lighting, temperature or access to a sanitary room. Most of these problems resolve themselves when you choose office container pavilion – it was created in accordance with the health and safety rules applicable to employers.
However, you must remember that education is a special form of economic activity that involves additional regulations and rules that your institution must comply with. They are primarily related to the safety of students, but adapting the office pavilion to these requirements will not be difficult!


Does a lecture hall in the form of a container pavilion require a building permit?

Right construction in Poland is not easy and often raises doubts, especially in the case of container structures. Unfortunately, not all questions have a clear answer and sometimes depend on the individual interpretation of the official.
If you plan to use the pavilion container as a lecture hall in one place for no longer than 180 days, you do not need a permit. All you have to do is report your intention to erect the pavilion to the competent architectural and construction administration authority before its assembly.
However, if you intend to use the container pavilion for a longer period of time, you will probably need a building permit. Exceptions to this rule are possible, but they depend on the individual assessment of officials and courts. Therefore, it is better to assume that permission is necessary. If you want to make sure or try to avoid it - use the legal advice of a lawyer who will assess your specific case.
To apply for a building permit, you must submit an application to the city or poviat office.

Pavilion container and real estate tax

It is also worth remembering that, especially when you run a business, the premises used to conduct business are subject to real estate tax. The laws in force here are no different from the situation in which you would use a classic premises.


The container pavilion as a lecture hall - an innovative solution for modern entrepreneurs

The choice of a container pavilion for a lecture hall may seem unusual and certainly requires breaking away from commonly accepted patterns. However, it is often the best way to gain an advantage by going beyond the beaten path followed by the competition. The choice of container pavilions will allow you not only to reduce costs, but also offer a number of other advantages, such as flexibility or ease of expansion. Their attractive, modern look is something that can attract students and help you build a strong and distinctive image of your school.
If you are considering a purchase or have any questions, please contact us! Our customer advisor will advise you and help you make the optimal decision.


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