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Mobile container office - flexibility, mobility and attractive price

May 15, 2023 | Blog

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portable office container – flexibility, mobility and attractive price

The rental and real estate market is becoming more and more demanding, and the prices are severe - not only for private clients, but also for entrepreneurs. In addition to high costs, classic solutions increasingly fail to meet the expectations of companies and the modern labor market - which is constantly changing, and its realities are now completely different than before the pandemic. For enterprises, mobility and flexibility are increasingly important features, benefits that are extremely difficult to obtain when using the classic ones offices. However, there is a solution perfectly suited to the needs of modern entrepreneurs who follow the spirit of the times - containers office! In this article you will learn what they are and how they can support the operation and development of your company.


What is an office container and how is it built?

Word container you may associate it with transport - and rightly so! It is from the logistics industry that this construction comes from and it owes its extraordinary features. Transport is a huge branch of our economy, without which all others would collapse - the lack of free movement of goods and goods would stop production, and thus sales.
The container and its contemporary form are the result of a long trial and error search for the perfect transport tool - durable and durable, suitable for long-term work in difficult and changing conditions; but at the same time cheap and easy to produce.
As a result, these facilities are not only suitable for transport. Thanks to their durability and low production costs, they can be successfully adapted for utility purposes and perform a function house, sanitary room, and of course - offices!
A raw container is a metal structure with walls made of sheet metal. In the process of adapting to the customer's needs, insulation, windows, doors, electrical installation, sewage system and all other elements necessary to use it for residential or office purposes are installed.
You can buy the container in the raw version and customize it yourself so that it meets all the requirements of the standard. However, this process is time consuming and in most cases it is better to choose a company that offers containers adapted to office needs and immediately ready to work. Such containers can be found, among others, in our offer!


Place your container office exactly where you want it

Office container has many advantages over classic premises - one of them is mobility and ease of assembly.
Imagine that you want to set up an office perfectly suited to the needs of your company in a location of your choice. How much will it cost? PLN 500000? million? two million? And several years of preparation, searching for contractors, construction and customization building so that it is suitable for efficient work and meets all standards required by law.
The process doesn't have to be like this! You can buy a ready-to-use office container for PLN 17000 - 27000, and the entire process from choosing the model you are interested in to the day when your employees can start performing their duties in it takes only a few weeks!
In addition to the equipment, you can adjust the size of the usable space in a similarly simple way. The containers are based on modular construction - which means that they can be freely combined with each other, thanks to which you can create both a very small office for a few employees and an extensive complex ready to accommodate many large teams.
This means that you do not have to decide on a large office right away. By choosing a single container, you will be able to easily expand it over time, e.g. when you hire new employees. All this at a much lower cost and time than in the case of classic solutions.
Containers can be expanded both horizontally and vertically - which means that you will expand your office even if you only have a small piece of land to develop!


Moving a container office - how will it help you optimize costs?

What in practice means the mobility and flexibility of offices container for entrepreneurs?
Imagine that you have just established cooperation with a large and important client, working with which requires close cooperation between employees of your companies.
You can spend hundreds of thousands on hotel rentals and travel… or install temporary ones container office! This will allow you to move some of your employees to the vicinity of the client's location, enabling a much more effective work model. As a result, it means providing a higher quality service, and thus gaining a significant advantage over the competition. After the cooperation ends, you can simply move the office to another place, e.g. to another client or simply to the location of your permanent seat.
Another scenario is the need to suddenly expand your business and hire new employees, resulting, for example, from a seasonal increase in demand for your company's products or services. In the case of classic solutions, this process is so costly and time-consuming that for many entrepreneurs it will simply prove unprofitable. Office use container it will allow you to respond to increased market demand almost immediately and at low cost, providing a comfortable and efficient workplace for new employees.
If market demand suddenly decreases, safekeeping container it is associated with low costs, and in the case of sale it will be much easier than with the classic one office. After all, the buyer has the option of transporting the container and placing it in the place of his choice!

Office container what workplace - what advantages does it offer besides mobility?

In addition to flexibility and mobility, the key factor is of course the attractive price - allowing the company to expand at low cost, reducing the associated financial risk.
The container is also cheap to maintain - thanks to the insulation, it is easy to heat, and the durable construction means that it rarely requires renovation.
Production containers is associated with lower waste and pollution production than in the case of classic solutions - which will allow you to build the image of an environmentally conscious and environmentally engaged company.
The sizes of the containers range from 6-16 square meters, but as we have already mentioned - you can freely expand them thanks to the use of modular construction. You can arrange the interior of the containers according to your individual needs and expectations, tailored to the profile and nature of your company.


Health and safety regulations, i.e. an office container that complies with the law

Before you build an office, you need to know the laws that apply to both containers and traditional buildings. Your employees should be provided with appropriate working conditions: natural and artificial lighting, temperature, ventilation, humidity, lack of vibrations and other factors that are hazardous to health or hinder work.
Don't forget about social and sanitary facilities, such as a kitchen, bathroom or shower. If you want to adapt the container to health and safety standards yourself - it can be a big challenge! However, it is necessary - if you do not meet the requirements set by the law, you risk both the dissatisfaction of your employees and severe penalties from the sanepid. 

Here's how to ensure that your container office meets the basic criteria: 


The basic requirement for working in an office is access to natural light - an office container must have windows of the right size and arrangement. The best solution is PVC windows, which provide good thermal and acoustic insulation. Natural light alone is not enough, so the office must also be equipped with artificial lighting. LED lamps are a popular solution - entrepreneurs appreciate them for the emission of light with a color imitating sunlight and energy efficiency.

Humidity, ventilation and temperature

The office container must be effectively insulated and protected from the weather. You will achieve this by using mineral wool and a vapor barrier foil, which act as an insulating layer for the walls and roof of the container. The recommended thickness of the wool is 100 mm and the film must be well attached. The inner walls of the container are covered with a laminated board - its use improves insulation and facilitates the arrangement of the interior. Proper ventilation in container office space can be achieved by installing tilt windows or wall ventilators, and if this is not enough, it is worth thinking about air conditioning.

Sanitary room

Each office must have social and sanitary facilities, in accordance with health and safety regulations. It is your responsibility to provide employees with access to a toilet with a washbasin and a kitchenette that allows you to prepare a meal and store a coat or backpack. The back room should include a fridge, microwave, electric kettle and storage cabinets. Employees will undoubtedly appreciate the presence of a coffee machine.
When designing a bathroom, it is crucial to take into account the size of the office, the number of employees and their individual needs, e.g. in a small office one toilet is enough, and on a construction site it is worth providing employees with access to a shower.

Ready office containers - how to save time by choosing a comprehensive solution

If all these requirements sound overwhelming - remember that you don't have to worry about them! All you have to do is buy a ready-made office container that has been prepared to meet all the requirements and standards set by Polish law. This choice will save you both time and money - self-preparation of the container for office needs often turns out to be more expensive than commissioning it to professionals.

Container offices manufacturer

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Office container as a workplace - building permit and real estate tax

Does an office container require a building permit? The answer to this question is simple only if you plan to use it in one location for less than 180 days. In this case, it is enough to report the erection of the structure to competent architectural and construction administration authority before the commencement of works.
in case of use office container longer than 180 days, it will be important to determine whether it is permanently connected to the ground - which is not always easy and is sometimes subject to individual interpretation by officials.
To avoid unnecessary conflicts with authorities, we recommend obtaining a building permit whenever you plan to use the container for more than 180 days. You can apply for a permit at the poviat starosty or city office with poviat rights. Typically, it should include a project building, a statement on the right to dispose of the real estate, a certificate of development conditions, a geotechnical opinion, a sanitary and fire department opinion, and the consent of the owner of the utilities network.
The list of required documents may vary depending on the office, so it is best to obtain information directly from the given entity before submitting the application.
The application for a building permit is considered within 65 days from the date of submission. If it is considered negative, you can appeal to the local government appeals board.

Property tax

Real estate tax covers all buildings and structures used as part of business activity, including those used for business purposes office containerswhich usually fall within the definition of a building or structure.
Possible ambiguities related to this, as in the case of a building permit, concern whether it is permanently connected to the ground - and here too the interpretation of the law often depends on the individual decision of the official.
We recommend assuming that your container office is legally a classic office and is subject to the same tax. However, if you have doubts about this, it is best to consult a solicitor who will be able to advise you based on an analysis of your individual case.



As you can see, there is a way to manage your workplace and space in a much cheaper and more effective way. Choosing a container can allow you not only to save cash and reduce risk, but also to respond much more effectively to the rapidly changing conditions of the labor market. If you want to buy an office container or you are not sure if it is the right choice for your company - contact us and our customer advisor will answer all your questions!

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