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Woodwork in containers

Jan 20, 2024 | Blog

Office and social containers

Containers office and social

Containers have found wide application in various fields, from the transport of goods to construction modular. To increase functionality and comfort of use containers, windows and joinery play a key role. In the article below we will look at the use of various materials and technologies in the production of windows containers, paying attention to aspects such as tightness, thermal performance and general performance properties.

Windows for containers: properties and materials

Tightness: key aspects of modern container windows

Tightness is extremely important, especially in the case of containers that can be operated in various weather conditions. Windows used in containers they must be resistant to wind, rain, snow and other external factors, while maintaining an appropriate level of thermal insulation.

In this context, windows made of PVC and aluminum profiles are gaining popularity. PVC profiles are characterized by excellent thermal insulation, are easy to clean and resistant to corrosion. In turn, aluminum windows offer strength and lightness, while enabling the use of various insulation systems.

Sanitary and office containers

PVC joinery in containers: practicality and durability

PVC joinery, covering both windows and doors, has become a popular choice among container manufacturers. PVC is an easy-to-process material, which allows you to adapt the windows to various container sizes. Moreover, PVC joinery is characterized by a low thermal conductivity coefficient, which has a positive effect on energy parameters container.

Aluminum in glazed doors: design and durability

Glazed doors made of aluminum are not only aesthetic, but also highly durable. Aluminum is light, which makes it easier to operate the door, and at the same time it is very durable and resistant to weather conditions. Glazed doors introduce natural light into the interior of the container, which increases the comfort of use and at the same time allows you to observe the surroundings.

Innovative technologies in container joinery

As technology progresses, manufacturers of container windows introduce innovative solutions that increase their functionality. Examples include intelligent lighting management systems and the use of glass with high light transmittance, allowing maximum use of natural light.

Windows and joinery in containers are crucial for comfort of use and energy efficiency. Materials such as PVC and aluminum provide a balance between functionality and durability. Innovative technologies additionally increase the level of comfort, making containers not only practical, but also a pleasant place to work, live or store goods. Nowadays, the development of container joinery is an area that continues to gain in importance, leaving room for further innovation and improvement of this key element of containers.


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