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Recording studio and rehearsal rooms at low cost - containers for musicians

May 2, 2023 | Blog

Recording studio and rehearsal rooms at low cost - containers for musicians

Recording studio and rehearsal rooms at low cost – containers for musicians

Having your own recording studio or rehearsal room is a great way to start a business – or just pursue your passion. Unfortunately, professional recording equipment is not the cheapest, and finding a budget for this project can be a big challenge. It is not worth saving money on equipment, but fortunately there is a possibility to effectively reduce costs elsewhere - by renting (or building) premises for a studio. In this article you will find out why container is a very attractive alternative to classic space, offering virtually identical quality.


What is a container and what is its use

You probably associate a container with transport – rightly so! It is from this industry that these objects come from. This may sound like a flaw at first glance, but… it's actually quite the opposite!
Containers must meet very high standards and requirements - so as to maintain durability as long as possible, despite working in very difficult conditions. At the same time, they must be cheap to produce - when transporting goods and materials, especially over long distances, the key is the lowest possible delivery cost.
As a result, containers are an extremely good value for money object whose construction and building has been defined over decades, by selecting the most effective solutions that meet the requirements of one of the largest and most demanding branches of our economy - transport.
The container itself is based on a metal frame surrounded by walls and is an extremely durable and durable object. In the process of adaptation for utility purposes, insulation, heating, windows, electrical and sewage systems and everything necessary for comfortable use are installed - depending on the individual needs of the buyer.
Thanks to this, containers are very widely used - they are used as offices, staff quarters, rooms sanitarybut also as apartments that are able to meet the needs of both singles and the whole family. More space can be obtained thanks to modular construction - construction containers allows for easy connection, thus allowing you to create any area that meets your expectations.


The container as a recording studio or rehearsal room

Due to high flexibility containers, nothing stands in the way of adapting them to function as a recording studio or rehearsal room. You can easily equip the container with appropriate sound insulation and you can fit all the necessary equipment in it, such as instruments, recording equipment or lighting. It will meet the needs of even large teams - thanks to modular construction, you can connect 2 or more containers together. This will allow you to create a fully professional recording studio, ready to accommodate more people.
Why choose a container? One of the main advantages is of course the price. You can buy a simple model for a few thousand zlotys, a a container adapted to the needs of use it costs PLN 17000 - 27000.
If you plan to run a recording studio for commercial purposes and rent it out to other musicians - it is probably not difficult for you to calculate how huge the difference in costs is in favor of containers in relation to classic solutions, such as renting or building a dedicated building. An investment in a container often pays for itself after 2-3 years, and in a longer period, such as 6 or 10 years, the reduction of rental costs can be even four or five times!

However, the low price is not the end of the advantages of choosing a container


Benefits of containers compared to classic solutions

  • Fast delivery time – Creatures container and its installation does not take much time - the whole process usually takes a few weeks. This is, of course, incomparably faster than the construction of a classic brick building.
  • Mobility and flexibility  – You can easily move the container to another place, so that when you move or want to change the location of your business ... you can simply take the container with you! This is especially important if you run a business and want to create a recording studio or rehearsal room to rent to other people - when the business develops, you can easily move to a more attractive and more accessible location. A similarly simple process is the expansion of the studio - just buy another container, which you can easily connect to the one that is already in use.
  • Comfort – A container is a great freedom and flexibility in designing and arranging space. In the case of renting the premises, you would have little opportunity to change the position of the walls or key equipment such as the toilet.
  • Environmental friendliness and low maintenance costs  – The production and maintenance of containers is associated with much lower waste production than classic construction. In addition, the container is easy to maintain, repair and renovate, which it usually needs very rarely.


Does a recording studio in the form of a container require a building permit?

Unfortunately, the Polish law is different and it is not always clear. The same is true here as well, and determining whether a container qualifies as a structure and thus requires a building permit is not always easy.
You certainly do not need a permit if the container will be used in a given place for less than 180 hours. In such a situation, it is enough to notify the appropriate architectural and construction administration body of the intention to place the container. This should be done before starting work.
If the container is used for more than 180 days – which is likely to be the case in a recording studio or rehearsal room – a building permit will usually be required. There are situations when this is not the case, but they are subject to individual interpretation by officials and legal authorities. So it's safer to assume you need to get permission. If you would like to avoid this – be sure to consult a legal adviser who will analyze your individual case.

You can apply for a building permit at the city or county office.


The container is effective, gaining in popularity, surprising not only with its low price, but also with its excellent quality. They are chosen by both private individuals and entrepreneurs, for whom the container allows them to start or develop their business with much lower financial risk. If you are thinking about creating a recording studio or rehearsal room in container – contact us and we will answer your questions and help you make a decision!

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