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Transport of office containers

Feb 12, 2022 | Blog

The vast majority of customers prefer comprehensive service, i.e. sale with delivery. The second option is the pickup organized by the customer himself. Ultramodulaa, apart from the container production and assembly service, also offers the service of safe road transport in Poland and Europe. Thanks to our experience, you can be sure that your container will be safely loaded, transported to the designated place on time, and unloaded quickly. We organize transport office containers, storage, sanitary, social and gatehouses.

transport of office containers

Container transport - requirements

Road transport of containers is carried out with the use of modern rolling stock and depends only on the road transport regulations in the country to which the container is transported. In accordance with the above-mentioned art. the permissible total weight of the component vehicle of a combination of vehicles shall not exceed 18 tonnes for two-axle trailers and 24 tonnes for three-axle trailers. These values ​​increase in the case of combinations of vehicles on 5 or 6 axles and amount to as much as 40 tons.

Loading of office containers

Loading and unloading of containers

Loading and unloading of containers is carried out with the use of HDS type mobile cranes or standard forklifts. If the space is sufficient, it is a good idea to use the HDS option, our operators fasten and unfasten the containers and the unloading at the customer's site does not take long.

Loading and unloading of containers

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