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Creating common spaces in container pavilions: cafes, conference rooms and more

Aug 29, 2023 | Blog

DOKI gastrobar - Łódź restaurant made of sea containers

DOKI gastrobar - a restaurant from the sea in Łódź containers

A modern office is much more than just a workplace. It is a place that inspires, encourages cooperation and increases efficiency. As the trend of exploitation grows rapidly office containers to create practical and flexible spaces, more and more attention is focused on the concept of creating functional common areas within these container pavilions. Containers, which used to be associated only with makeshift solutions, have come a long way, and their potential for creating comfortable and creative interiors is virtually unlimited.


What common spaces can be built using containers?

The answer to this question is simple: whatever is needed. Containers are extremely flexible solutions that allow you to create buildings for virtually any purpose. Most often, however, there are several types of common spaces built with the use of container pavilions.

Cafes and restaurants

Containers can become a unique place to create cozy places where you can drink coffee, eat something sweet, as well as lunch or even an elegant dinner. Their modular design allows you to easily adapt the space to the needs of catering establishments. Cafes in containers attract customers with an unusual design, and convince owners with a short time and low construction costs.

Conference and training rooms

pavilions container they are ideal for arranging meeting places, such as conferences, trainings or everyday meetings office. They can be equipped with modern technologies and ergonomics furniture, and their modular design means they can easily accommodate both small meetings and larger events. Their mobility also allows them to be easily moved to different locations.

Spaces for teamwork

In containers it is possible to design functional spaces conducive to cooperation and creative thinking. Rooms equipped with whiteboards, projectors and modern communication tools can become an innovation incubator for project teams.

Concentration zones and libraries

Well-insulated buildings made of container pavilions are easy to transform into quiet places to study, read or work in concentration. Such quiet zones allow employees to perform tasks that require full concentration, and also give a moment of rest from the hustle and bustle of currently popular open-space spaces.

Recreational spaces, fitness zones

Thinking about the health and well-being of employees, many companies provide places where they can exercise. Containers can easily be transformed into recreational spaces, equipped with exercise equipment or, for example, a yoga room.


Is the construction of containers suitable for creating common spaces?

Originally designed to transport goods, containers have become incredibly versatile modules in recent years, finding new uses as buildings residentialas well as usable. They are also great for building offices and various common spaces. This is possible thanks to their solid, durable and, above all, modular construction. They are versatile and can be easily modified to suit any project, which makes them the perfect solution for those looking for flexible yet economical solutions for creating places such as conference rooms, coffee shops or shared workspaces.

Easy to adapt to your needs

The first advantage of container pavilions is the ability to easily configure and adapt them to the individual needs of the investor. Implementation of changes may include various aspects, including the selection of windows and doors in various sizes, decisions regarding glazing and modification of the spatial layout, thanks to additional partitions or connecting with subsequent modules. This gives you the opportunity to design, for example, a cafe with a large glass wall that will encourage you to enter inside or build concentrated work zones separated by internal partition walls.

Personalization also applies to the finish building from the outside: from the choice of color to the type of cladding (for example, you can choose a wooden facade). All this together makes it seemingly simple pavilion containerized is able to transform into an ultra-modern building that will become a unique showcase of the company or an unconventional conference center that will attract guests with its unusual appearance and decor.

A universal and versatile solution

Wide possibilities of modification combined with simplicity construction modular containers are like blocks from which you can build anything that an architect has in mind. They are extremely versatile and can be used for many applications, including creating a variety of common spaces - the list is virtually endless. An additional advantage is the unification of sizes, because it gives a wide range of designing buildings with more or less complex shapes, larger or more compact. By putting several pavilions next to each other, you can build a real conference center: with large and smaller meeting rooms, a cafe zone and rooms for confidential business talks. Using a single module, we can launch a cafe with a lunch offer for employees of a large one offices right away and anywhere.

Mobility and speed of reconfiguration

Quick assembly and its low costs allow you to move objects from modular containers without any problems when needed. They are designed so that they can be easily transported. To carry container from place to place, you don't need very specialized equipment - a car with HDS is enough. Mobility and ease of transport open the way to efficient reconfiguration of container facilities. This means that you can quickly change, for example, 3 small conference rooms into one large building if the need arises. Importantly, without incurring large costs.


In the dynamic modern world, the only constant is change and every business must be fully prepared for its arrival. Container pavilions are distinguished by easy scalability, which means that buildings based on them can be conveniently adapted to changing needs. Their modular design allows you to easily add new modules to the existing structure. It is a convenient and optimal solution - it gives you the opportunity to increase the usable area at any time, be it a space for shared work, a cafe or conference rooms. By choosing high-quality containers, buildings can be expanded not only "in width", but also upwards, thanks to the possibility of stacking them.


Common spaces in container pavilions - is it worth it?

Cost-effectiveness is one of the key advantages of modular containers. Expenses related to the erection of the building container are incomparably lower compared to traditional construction methods. This is the result of both the materials used for production and labor costs. What is extremely important, the costs of subsequent maintenance of container pavilions are also low.

Low purchase costs

Modular containers they are prefabricated, which means that they are made entirely in factories outside the construction site, and then are delivered to the investment site as ready-made elements for assembly. The use of standard container modules makes it possible to shorten the production and assembly time, which leads to significant cost savings. In addition, the controlled factory environment is conducive to the optimization of the production process, which positively affects the efficiency and quality of construction. As a result, their total production cost is lower than any other design.

Economic maintenance of facilities

In addition to low construction costs, containers have another advantage: the economy of maintenance. It is worth noting that the fees for utilities associated with pavilions container buildings will be lower than in the case of conventional service buildings. This saving is due to the energy efficiency that the containers provide.

Also, containers modular have minimal maintenance requirements. Their durable construction materials, such as steel, are resistant to weather conditions and do not require frequent repairs and renovations. This means you can enjoy reduced maintenance costs over many years of operation.


Container pavilions are a good choice for common spaces

The combination of universality, modularity and economy makes container pavilions perfect as places such as conference rooms, cafes and shared work areas. In the era of dynamically changing needs and fast-growing companies, containers allow you to create spaces that easily adapt to these changes. Regardless of what functions the container object is dedicated to, it has many advantages, and the following are especially worth highlighting:

  • building modular, giving the possibility of expanding the facility depending on the needs
  • various possibilities of interior configuration
  • implementation time - quick assembly and reconfiguration
  • low costs: both for purchase and placing, and for operation
  • quick disassembly or transfer to another place

As you can see the choice pavilion to build common spaces can bring numerous benefits, providing both functionality and savings. By choosing a product from a reputable manufacturer, we are sure that it will be a cost-effective solution for many years. Purchase, installation and maintenance costs container they are significantly lower compared to traditional buildings.

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