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Creating green spaces and gardens on the roofs of container offices

Sep 13, 2023 | Blog

Creating green spaces and gardens on the roofs of container offices | Ultramodula

One of the key trends in the field of sustainable building design, which is becoming more and more important in the modern world, is the concept of creating buildings that not only effectively use natural resources and minimize the negative impact on the environment, but also create a space conducive to the health and comfort of residents. By taking into account aspects such as ventilation, air filtration, optimal lighting, acoustics and thermal comfort, modern buildings become places where people can not only live, but also develop and find harmony in a dynamic environment. This also applies to office buildings. Therefore, designers are intensively looking for innovative and inexpensive solutions to achieve these goals.

Advantages of office containers

When building an office, whether for a large or small organization, it is worth considering the purchase container. They fit perfectly into sustainable construction trends and have only advantages. The following deserve special mention:

  • low costs: both for purchase and placing, and for operation
  • building modular and expandable offices as the company develops
  • various possibilities of interior configuration
  • short implementation time – quick assembly
  • quick disassembly or transfer to another place

Objects container they are environmentally friendly because their production produces a minimum amount of waste, and they can also be recycled. What is very important, their construction uses materials considered ecological. However, many designers forget about one more aspect: the possibility of creating green spaces and gardens on roofs offices container. And this is certainly the innovative solution they are looking for.

Container construction and the creation of roof gardens

The first and key aspect when establishing a garden or green space on the roof office container it is solid construction. It is necessary to use high-quality materials that will ensure the durability and durability of the container for many years. Choosing the right thickness of sheet metal and shapes is of great importance - remember that it must support not only the weight of the soil and plants, but also the water with which they will be watered. It is worth paying attention to the solutions used by experienced manufacturers in this field. The appropriate supporting structure should be made of solid cold-bent sections of appropriate thickness, reliable manufacturers use 4 mm. Only such a choice of materials guarantees the structure the necessary strength and stability. It is also very important to use solid sections of similar thickness to attach the columns to the upper and lower frames.

Another aspect that makes it possible to create gardens on roofs is the tightness of both the roof and the walls. Only proper insulation will guarantee that moisture from plants and the ground will not penetrate into the office interior. Made of high-quality trapezoidal sheet metal of appropriate thickness with an insulating layer of wool and foil, this ensures that container will meet this requirement. It is also necessary to choose a manufacturer who protects the products offered during the production process containers office against corrosion.

Installations necessary for green spaces on the roofs of office containers

Regardless of whether an extensive flower garden is planned on the roof of an office container or a lawn with space for deckchairs for employees to use during breaks, the building should be equipped with functional systems enabling effective cultivation. Creating successful roof gardens requires proper understanding of the needs of plants and implementing solutions to provide them with optimal growth conditions in order to enjoy a green place to relax for a long time.

Irrigation system

In gardens and green spaces located on roofs, the most effective solution is a drip irrigation system. It works by delivering water directly to the plant roots, which reduces water loss and at the same time maintains a constant level of soil moisture. This is important because it allows you to save water and maintain the proper humidity level. This is particularly important in cities, where access to water may be limited and current climate changes mean that concern for drinking water resources, which are constantly decreasing, must come first. It is worth considering rainwater tanks equipped with appropriate pumps that will be able to power the irrigation system.


If the green space on the roof of an office container is to serve not only aesthetic purposes, but also functional purposes, i.e., for example, be a meeting place for employees, also after working hours, you should ensure appropriate lighting. A good and at the same time ecological idea is a system equipped with solar lamps. This saves energy costs and is also an expression of concern for natural resources. In our climate zone, an installation not based solely on solar solutions is not sufficient - it must be supplemented with traditionally powered light sources. It is worth choosing LED because it is the most economical solution.

Electrical installation

A modern irrigation or lighting system will not work without appropriate electrical installation. It is important to design it carefully before starting any other work. The plan must include places where electrical sockets, lighting and other devices will be placed. It is best to cooperate with a reputable manufacturer in this regard containersto ensure that the installation complies with regulations and safety standards, and that appropriate cables, equipment and surge protection are used. Please remember that the sockets must be resistant to moisture.

Tips for creating green spaces and gardens on the roofs of container offices

Although establishing and later maintaining a garden on the office roof container may seem complicated, just follow a few simple rules to create a green space that will be not only beautiful, but also functional.

  1. Durable container

When setting up a garden for container An important step is to make sure that the selected building is of appropriate quality. You need to make sure that it is solid and durable enough. Please remember that it must withstand the additional load caused by soil, water and plants. Only a container of appropriate construction from a reputable manufacturer will meet this challenge.

  1. Roof preparation

Proper preparation of the roof surface before building a garden is crucial. It must be clean, dry and, very importantly, free of any leaks. If the roof is not properly protected against moisture, it may lead to damage and increase the risk of mold and fungus growth, also inside the office, which will make it impossible for employees to stay there.

  1. Suitable plants

Not every plant species is suitable for growing in a roof garden. The best varieties will be those that are resistant to dry and windy climates. It is worth knowing the soil and humidity requirements of the selected plants to make sure that they will have the right conditions for growth.

  1. Drainage

To avoid problems with flooding of plants or damage to the roof, it is necessary to properly protect the surface through an optimally matched drainage system. It is best to entrust the design and execution of this task to professionals, which will help you avoid costly repairs later.

  1. Ongoing care

The green space on the roof, like any other garden, needs regular care, especially watering, fertilizing and pruning plants. It is essential to have the right tools and equipment to ensure optimal conditions for the selected vegetation.

Garden on the roof of a container office: why is it worth it?

Creating green spaces and gardens on roofs container offices is not only a modern and attractive architectural trend, but also a solution that brings many benefits, both for employees and the environment.

The first, key advantage of such green roofs is, of course, ecological issues. Such gardens contribute to improving air quality by filtering pollutants and capturing carbon dioxide, especially if they are composed of plants with appropriate properties. Additionally, these places can be an excellent habitat for pollinating insects, contributing to the protection of biodiversity in urban areas.

The social aspect is equally important, i.e. improving the working environment. Being surrounded by nature has proven benefits for people's mental and physical health. Green space promotes relaxation, stress reduction and improvement of the overall quality of life, not only in the workplace. Taking a break from monitors and office noise in a green space has a positive effect on employee productivity and creativity. It is also worth emphasizing that gardens on container roofs are a unique element of the office's image. They create a positive first impression on visitors, confirming the company's commitment to caring for employees and the environment. This space can become a place to relax, meet or organize events, which in turn can contribute to building stronger relationships within the team.

Interestingly, creating a garden on the roof also brings economic benefits - it helps to improve thermal insulation building. The vegetation layer acts as a natural layer insulation, which may translate into lower energy costs needed to heat or cool the office. This is not only beneficial in terms of savings, but also in terms of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

As you can see, a roof garden container office is an innovative way to create a harmonious and effective workplace. The benefits of such a space include improving the health and well-being of employees, as well as activities for the environment.

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