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Use of containers as mobile and temporary offices

May 17, 2023 | Blog

Almost every company needs offices. Even in the era of remote work, which was initiated by the pandemic - office is still the heart of the company, allowing not only effective work, but also integration and building trust in the team. after all, running and running a company is a team game! Unfortunately, classic spaces respond less and less to the rapidly changing conditions on the labor market, and thus to the needs of both employees and employers.


A modern company must be flexible – respond quickly and dynamically to changes on the market. In a world that is moving forward faster than ever before, in the era of recessions and growths that are suddenly appearing and difficult to predict, social and technological revolution, today's entrepreneurs need alternatives to classic officesthat better meet a wide range of new expectations.
One of the alternatives to the classic office worth looking at is container office. In this article, you will learn why this solution is gaining popularity among business owners so quickly and what benefits it can bring to your business.


Container - durability and high quality

Containers are extremely solid, made of metal constructions in which the walls are made of sheet metal. Their quality and durability make them widely used by customers with very diverse needs.
The container owes its construction to the logistics industry from which it originates. Transport is one of the foundations of our civilization - what would the world look like today without free trade, the flow of goods and goods?
Necessity is the mother of invention - and in the process of searching for the perfect object to be used in transport, a container was created. It is not only able to withstand long-term operation in difficult and changing conditions, but is also simple and quick to build, thanks to standardized dimensions and automation of the production process.
Capabilities containers were quickly noticed by entrepreneurs - who, by adapting them to the utility needs, were able to fill the gap in the market and offer customers a cheaper alternative to classic construction. Thanks to appropriate preparation, the container can serve as an office, but this is not the only one of its uses - it works well in a number of other commercial functions, such as warehouse or room sanitary, and in the era of soaring prices on the real estate market, it is more and more often adapted to housing needs.

Preparing a container for the office - it doesn't have to be difficult!

Office container must meet all the standards and legal regulations that are imposed on a classic office. When you buy a raw container, you will have a lot of work and effort ahead of you, as well as time to adapt the basic structure to the standards and utility needs.
We have good news for you! If you want, you can buy a basic container, but many companies specialize in selling ready-to-use office containers.
Just choose the model you are interested in, and after bringing it to the place of destination and assembly, it is almost immediately ready for use! The whole process takes just a few weeks, and if your demand for mobile office space is large, you will probably be able to negotiate terms to speed up the process.

Office containers are available in sizes from 6 to 16 square meters in the price range of PLN 17000 - 27000.

You can buy an office container adapted to your needs from our companyand our customer advisor will help you choose the model that best suits your needs.

What else is worth knowing about containers?

In addition to the low price, their maintenance costs are also low. Both maintenance and heating are not associated with high expenses. In addition, containers are an ecological solution, involving the production of much less waste than classic construction. This will be especially appreciated by companies that care about the image of a socially conscious brand.


Container office for a large team

Construction office containers

Construction office containers

The largest container with a size of 16 sq m will not meet the needs of every company - but there is a way to create container office space with almost any usable space!
This is possible thanks to the modular construction on which the structure is based containers. This means that they can be combined with each other almost freely, resulting in even very large spaces.
Containers can be combined both horizontally and vertically. Stacking up is a great way to expand the size of your office without increasing the need for land to develop!

Temporary office - mobility and flexibility that modern entrepreneurs expect 

You already know that office containers are durable and attractively priced structures, and this is just the beginning of their advantages! One of the greatest advantages of offices container is their mobility, speed of assembly and simplicity in use as temporary offices.
Current markets are characterized by high unpredictability - sudden changes taking place in the world, in social moods and the economy can cause both sudden increases and decreases in companies. A good example of this are IT companies from the United States - after a heavy pandemic period for them, at the beginning of 2023 there was a wave of layoffs and employment reductions, during which over 160000 specialists lost their jobs in a short period of time.

How to react appropriately when your company requires sudden development, but you are not sure if these changes are long-term?

Due to the cost, in such situations companies often decide to outsource. In the long run, it is often less profitable than traditional employment, but it allows for a quick response to changes on the market.
Another way to approach this situation is to completely abandon the development of the company on the wave of short-term changes. Unfortunately, this variant is chosen by many entrepreneurs - as a result of calculations, they come to the conclusion that taking the chance for growth is not worth the financial risk associated with it, which in a worst-case scenario may sink the company.

How to develop a company avoiding financial risk? Office containers are often the answer to this question!

Thanks to them, you will expand your company and provide a workplace for new employees quickly, effectively and, above all, with low financial resources, which allows you to significantly reduce the risk associated with the investment.
If the period of dynamic growth ends and there is a need to reduce employment, you will be able to sell the containers on the secondary market, recovering a significant part of the invested capital.

What health and safety regulations must a temporary container office meet?

In most cases container office is considered by law the same as an ordinary office. In order to provide your employees with comfortable working conditions and at the same time not to expose yourself to severe penalties from the Sanepid, you must take care of:

  • Lighting – the office should have good access to natural sunlight and be equipped with artificial light of good quality. LEDs are a common choice due to their quality and energy efficiency.
  • Temperature – minimum required temperature in container it is 14°C when it is warm outside and 18°C ​​when it is cold. These are the minimum values ​​required by law. The optimal recommended temperature in office it is 23,9–26,7°C in summer and 20–22,8°C in winter.
  • Humidity and ventilation – the container office must be properly ventilated and protected against moisture.
  • Sanitary room – employees must have access to a toilet, the ability to safely leave their belongings and prepare a meal. In the basic version of the sanitary room, there will usually be a fridge, cabinets, an electric kettle, a microwave oven, a table and chairs.
Construction office containers

Construction office containers


Building permit and property tax for office container

If you intend to use the container temporarily, for less than 180 days, you do not need a building permit. In this case, it is enough to report the erection of the structure to the competent architectural and construction administration authority. It is important to do this before starting work!
If the container will be used for more than 180 days, it is usually treated as a classic building and requires a building permit. There are some exceptions to this situation, depending on the individual interpretation of the case by the official. To avoid unnecessary conflicts with the law, we recommend obtaining a building permit. However, if you want to avoid this, you should consult a legal adviser who will analyze your individual case.
Just like the classic office, from office container you will also pay real estate tax - usually much more than that on real estate used for private purposes. Unfortunately, this is one of the unpleasant duties that most business owners do not like!


Times are changing - and so are the expectations of customers and the needs of companies. Classic solutions, such as offices rented in classic buildings, are not always able to cope with these changes.
The solution to many problems, as well as a chance to open up new possibilities, are office containers. Their durability, attractive price and mobility allow you to reduce the risk in the development of the company and react faster to changes.
If you are interested in purchasing an office container for a company or if you have any questions, please contact us! Our customer advisor will answer all your questions and help you make the best decision.


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