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Use of containers near swimming pools and jacuzzis

Sep 23, 2023 | Blog

Use of containers near swimming pools and jacuzzis | Ultramodulaa

Nowadays, creativity in designing recreational solutions seems to have no limits. One of the interesting trends in this area, and specifically in the swimming pool and jacuzzi industry, is the use of containers to create unique relaxation and entertainment zones. One of the pioneers of this unconventional approach is the Canadian company Modpools, which not only implemented an innovative swimming pool concept in container, but also submitted this project to the patent office. Interestingly, the designers did not stop at a simple remake container for the swimming pool - each model can be equipped with a hydromassage, a water heater, and dedicated lighting. However, the patent application itself is proof of how seriously the industry takes the use of containers in the field of recreation and how much potential there is in this concept. This is, of course, the most "extreme" form of using containers in swimming pools or jacuzzi areas - there are many other functions for which they are ideal.

Containers as locker rooms and changing rooms

Changing rooms and locker rooms in swimming pools play an important role in ensuring the comfort and convenience of users. This is a place where guests prepare for a bath, change their outfits and store their valuables. Therefore, the design of these spaces is extremely important to the success of the pool. Building Traditional locker rooms are usually time-consuming and expensive. In the case of containers, the assembly process is much faster and more effective. Containers are ready to use, and their transportation and assembly at the destination site is simple. 

Equipment for locker rooms

For the changing room space to be comfortable and, above all, functional, it must be equipped with several key elements:

  • lockers and storage: the number of lockers must be adjusted to the planned number of guests, they should be spacious, easy to close, and provide protection against moisture;
  • hot water showers are essential to enable guests to thoroughly rinse off any chlorine or salt after bathing;
  • comfortable toilets, including facilities for disabled people, are essential;
  • mirrors are useful so that guests can check their appearance when leaving the facility;
  • benches allow you to change clothes comfortably.

Containers are universal objects and can be easily arranged to suit such needs. There are many containers available on the market in various sizes and finishes, which can be used in swimming pools and jacuzzis as fully functional, high-standard changing rooms. Renowned manufacturers offer modules with comprehensive equipment, tailored to the investor's requirements.

Thermal insulation and moisture resistance

choosing container for a cloakroom or changing room, you should pay attention not only to the arrangement, decor, or furniture. It is also very important insulation container and its resistance to moisture. Ensuring optimal temperature inside the container-locker room is the most important aspect for user comfort. If it is too cold, changing clothes will be unpleasant and your guests will be happy. Modular containers used as changing rooms are most often heated using effective electric heaters. However, in order not to pay high bills and at the same time provide users with comfortable conditions, it is necessary to verify whether the selected container is properly insulated. Reliable manufacturers use mineral wool for this purpose in combination with a vapor barrier foil. For the insulation to play its role effectively, the wool should be approximately 100 mm thick.

The use of containers as sanitary facilities for swimming pools and jacuzzis

Sanitary containers most commonly associated with on-site applications construction or during fairs or events. However, they can also become extremely versatile and practical solutions for swimming pools. Sanitary containers are distinguished not only by their mobility and quick assembly, but also by their extraordinary design flexibility. They enable designers and owners of swimming pools to adapt sanitary facilities to the exact requirements and specificity of a given facility. Here are some key aspects that you can adjust in containers sanitary facilities to create ideal sanitary and hygienic facilities.

  1. Interior layout

One of the most important aspects that can be customized is the functional layout of the container. You can change the arrangement of toilets, showers, sinks, cabinets and other amenities according to the individual needs of a given pool. This means that the space can be adapted to a specific number of users, thus minimizing queues and ensuring comfort.

  1. Showers and toilets

Depending on the number of pool guests, the number of toilets and showers can be adjusted in the container sanitary. It is worth emphasizing that objects container are an excellent alternative to toi-toi - they offer much higher quality and comfort than the classic "blue booths".

  1. Handicapped accessible

Design flexibility sanitary containers it also includes adapting the space to the needs of disabled people. Wide doors, dedicated grab bars, special toilets and showers can be provided to make the pool accessible to all users.

  1. Finishing materials

Sanitary containers can also be customized in terms of preferred finishing materials. It is worth investing in high-quality sanitary and hygienic devices, non-slip floors and durable materials that will ensure long-term and aesthetic operation.

  1. Places for families with children

By working with a reputable manufacturer, you can design sanitary containers with families in mind, providing special changing tables, facilities for toddlers and spacious showers that will help create a friendly space for families with children.

Food zones using containers

The concept of using containers as mobile catering facilities in swimming pool areas, especially open ones, is an interesting way to increase the attractiveness of these places. This solution combines functionality, aesthetics and flexibility, which translates into higher profits for facility managers on the one hand, and guest satisfaction on the other.

Simple design pavilions catering makes them suitable for any idea for a restaurant, bar or cafe, and at the same time, thanks to their mobility, they can easily be used only seasonally when the swimming pool is open. What types of restaurants are containers best for?

  • Fast food because they require minimal setup and most of the necessary equipment doesn't take up much space. Moreover, low purchase costs are a particularly convincing argument in the case of this type of premises.
  • Containers are also an excellent option for cafes, tea rooms or confectioneries. You can easily transform the container into a cozy place, providing plenty of seating, a counter for sweets and other necessary equipment that will create a unique atmosphere.
  • A pizzeria is another type of establishment that will fit perfectly into a catering container. All the necessary equipment for preparing pizza takes up little space and can be visible to guests in the container, which adds to the attractiveness for customers.

Construction of containers and the possibilities of using them in swimming pool and jacuzzi areas

The use of containers is an innovative approach to creating facilities for versatile use in swimming pools or jacuzzi zones, which combines flexibility, mobility and, most importantly, durability. Steel containers, originally manufactured for long-term use in extreme maritime transport conditions, are extremely resistant to weather conditions. Therefore, they are an excellent choice for applications in swimming pool environments where resistance to moisture, corrosion and UV radiation is necessary. Importantly, thanks to appropriate construction and insulation, it is also possible to ensure a comfortable interior temperature in these buildings all year round.

A big advantage of using containers for various purposes in recreational facilities, such as swimming pools and jacuzzis, is their modularity. It allows for flexible design and adaptation of these spaces to specific expectations, and also allows for expansion. Containers modular they are easily scalable, which means that buildings made of them can be easily expanded depending on needs. The modular structure allows for the addition of additional facilities to the existing one building. This is a convenient and optimal solution - it allows you to increase the usable area at any time, whether it's a changing room by the pool or adding another restaurant in the catering area. Interestingly, the objects can be expanded not only "widthwise", but also upwards. The construction of good quality containers allows them to be stacked.

An important advantage of containers is their mobility - speed, ease and low assembly costs allow objects to be moved from modular containers without any problems when necessary. They are designed in such a way that they can be easily transported. Their transport from one place to another does not require very specialized equipment - a car with HDS is enough.

This is a particularly important argument in the case of seasonal businesses, for example containers used in outdoor swimming pool areas or seasonal gastronomy. In the period when pavilion it is not used, it does not generate any costs, and it can also be stored on two floors, which means that less space will be needed, which also translates into lower costs.


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