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The use of containers in agriculture and gardening

June 17, 2023 | Blog

ultramodula containers in agriculture

utilization containers in agriculture and horticulture

Containers have become a popular solution in agriculture and horticulture due to their mobility, ease of transport and accessibility. Compared to traditional buildings, containers offer many advantages, such as versatility and ease of modification, which allows them to be adapted to different needs and uses, for example, they can be used as housing for seasonal workers, greenhouses, warehouses and even animal housing or trailers for the harvest.


They are durable and weather resistant 

Durability may be questionable containers. As you know, buildings on farms are constantly exposed to changing weather conditions, so they must be properly protected so that they do not require frequent maintenance. It is worth emphasizing that modular containers are solutions that are extremely durable, because initially their construction was designed to withstand difficult and extreme weather conditions, for example during long transport. They also have many other advantages. For example, they are fireproof, which makes them not only durable but also safe.

During the production of individual container elements in carpet production, strictly defined standards are maintained constructionwhich ensures high product quality. Thanks to the fact that the entire structure is created in controlled conditions of temperature, humidity and lack of dust, the containers modular they are not only durable and safe, but also highly precise and robust. The assembly of components such as doors and windows is also carried out in factory conditions, which ensures greater precision and better quality control.


They are also economical

One of the main advantages of containers is their cost-effectiveness. The costs associated with setting it up building are incomparably lower compared to the traditional one construction. This is influenced by the material used and labor costs. Modular containers are prefabricated, which means that they are fully manufactured in the factory and then delivered to the construction site as ready-made elements for assembly. As a result, the total cost of their production is much lower than in the case of other facilities.

Modular containers are not only a cheaper alternative to traditional buildings, but also economical to maintain. Compared to other facilities, utility costs are significantly lower. Additionally, the containers require minimal maintenance, making them a cost-effective solution in the long term. They are made of durable materials that allow them to be used for many years without the need to incur repair costs. In addition, unlike fixed structures, modular containers are more flexible and can be easily adapted to changing needs and requirements. They can be used as warehouseand then converted into housing for animals or be used in the transport of agricultural products. Depending on the needs, modular containers can be combined into larger structures and even two-story buildings. Because modular containers are easy to transport, they can be easily moved from one place to another, allowing for a variety of uses within the same farm.

agricultural containers

The use of containers in agriculture and gardening


Warehouses of agricultural and gardening equipment and machinery

Containers are often used as warehouses in various business sectors, mainly due to the attractive purchase or rental price. Agriculture and horticulture, on the other hand, are industries where equipment and machinery play a key role. Many of these devices are extremely expensive, so it is important to provide them with appropriate storage conditions. Every farm, regardless of size, needs space for agricultural and horticultural equipment and machinery, but building traditional buildings is expensive and time-consuming. In this situation, containers are an excellent alternative.

Buy container warehouse space means low costs, especially in comparison with the construction of your own building. Of course, if the alternative is to rent space, the starting budget is certainly larger. However, it is worth carrying out a financial analysis - the costs of maintaining the container after purchase are practically zero. There is no need to heat it (unless the goods require it during storage) or to hire a person to look after it. In addition, reselling a container is a simple process, and there is a lot of interest in the market for second-hand purchases, so you can partially recoup your costs if the warehouse is no longer needed.

Containers as living quarters for seasonal workers

As we know, agriculture and horticulture are sectors characterized by high seasonality of employment. In large, professional farms, the majority of employees are seasonal workers, performing their tasks depending on the period of sowing or harvesting. However, renting apartments cottages holiday homes or rooms in boarding houses is unprofitable, and during the holiday season (when the peak of employment falls) it is difficult to find free accommodation for all employees. Containers are an excellent option. 

containers in agriculture ultramodula

The use of containers in agriculture and gardening

The facilities offered by renowned manufacturers are equipped with basic amenities, such as bathrooms, heating, kitchenettes and sleeping space. These containers can easily be moved to different areas of the farm as needed, ensuring mobility and flexibility when harvesting locations change. It is also possible to equip the containers with additional amenities, such as air conditioning, television or the Internet, which will increase the comfort of employees' stay.


Apartment also for pets

Interestingly, properly arranged containers can be used as rooms for animals. They are easy to transform into objects such as chicken coops, piggeries or rabbit cages. Containers offer a convenient and safe place for a variety of livestock, and also allow for easy cleaning. Depending on the needs, they can be equipped with additional elements, such as pads or feeders, to ensure greater comfort for the animals and facilitate their care by people working on the farm. Special ventilation systems are also available to ensure optimal conditions for animals all year round. Thanks to such facilities, containers can be an excellent solution for animal breeders who want to provide their animals with the best living conditions, without the need to build traditional buildings.


Containers for agriculture and horticulture are an alternative form of greenhouses

Growing plants in greenhouses is a profitable branch of agricultural crops. Containers can be great as one of the alternative forms of greenhouses. Depending on the type of plants grown, they can be equipped with various irrigation and air conditioning systems, which allows you to precisely control the indoor conditions and provide plants with optimal growth conditions. Containers as greenhouses have one more advantage - their mobility allows you to easily change the location when the need arises.

It is also worth noting that containers as greenhouses can be used not only in traditionally understood agriculture and horticulture, but also in the pharmaceutical or cosmetic industry. Thanks to the fact that they can be easily adapted to various needs, they can be used for the production of medicinal plants or cosmetic raw materials.


Transport features

The design of the containers allows them to be easily mounted on a platform or trailer, which significantly facilitates transport. Containers are a good solution for transporting goods, but also for transporting agricultural machinery and tools. You can easily transport your entire warehouse of equipment in a safe and convenient way, avoiding damage and not wasting time reloading from the warehouse to the transport vehicle. In this way, farmers not only make their work easier, and thus reduce logistics costs.


Buy or rent a container?

Deciding whether to buy or rent container, depends primarily on the expected time of its use. If the farm uses containers in its daily work for various purposes, the best choice will be to purchase the facilities that best match expectations, in the right quality and quantity needed for proper functioning. On the other hand, when the container is only needed for a limited, short period of time, for example for harvesting for seasonal workers or for additional storage of seeds before sowing, the investment in the purchase is unnecessary. Container rental is a popular service that can be easily found among professional companies that will help you choose the best solution.


Why is it worth using containers in agriculture and gardening?

Containers are a very flexible solution for the broadly understood agricultural industry. Thanks to their mobility, they can be easily moved and adapted to different needs. For example, warehouses or greenhouses can be moved to different parts of the farm depending on the seasons or the needs of the crop. In addition, containers are greener than traditional buildings because their production and transport generate less greenhouse gas emissions. 

Choosing containers as an alternative to facilities for various purposes in agriculture and horticulture is a good way to save time and money, as well as to make better use of space, for example by using multi-storey warehouses. Crucially, containers can be used for various purposes, including as residential containers for seasonal workers, or classic equipment warehouses. They are highly weather resistant, making them ideal for outdoor use on farms.

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