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Application and features of sanitary containers

Application and features of sanitary containers | Ultramodule

Application and features containers sanitary | Ultramodule

Sanitary container – this term may not sound encouraging, but it is a modern, comfortable and elegant alternative to the popular toi-toi. Wherever portable toilets are necessary, it is worth choosing even the smallest container instead of the blue box. It is much more comfortable, more spacious, and does not take up much more space. In addition, it can be equipped with showers and, together with toilets, create a fully functional sanitary facility.

Popularity of sanitary containers on construction sites

The most common use of sanitary containers are construction sites, both those of large, multi-million and long-term investments, as well as private ones in the single-family housing sector. This is due to the investor's obligation to provide appropriate conditions for employees. Occupational health and safety regulations, in particular Appendix 3 "Requirements for hygienic and sanitary rooms and devices" to the Regulation of the Minister of Labor and Social Policy of 26 September 1997 on general occupational health and safety regulations, clearly define the size, type and number of individual rooms sanitary.

Sanitary containers with shower | Ultramodule

Sanitary containers with shower | Ultramodule

It reads, among other things, that: hygienic and sanitary rooms should be heated, lit and ventilated in accordance with technical and construction regulations and Polish Standardsand also that the height of the hygienic and sanitary rooms should not be less than 2,5 m in the light.

Sanitary container inside | Ultramodule

Sanitary container inside | Ultramodule


Sanitary containers on the construction site and health and safety regulations

All the above-mentioned basic health and safety requirements can be implemented without any problems using sanitary containers. Heating in this type of facilities is most often provided with the use of electric heaters - this solution is the simplest to implement in mobile buildings, such as containers. The lighting installation is usually designed with the use of LED lamps, which is very economical. Importantly, it does not generate the need to change bulbs frequently - in the case of many containers on large construction sites, it would be troublesome and time-consuming to keep an eye on it. High-quality containers from reputable manufacturers can be not only ventilated, but even equipped with air conditioning.

To meet the requirements of the regulations, you need to choose a professional sanitary container with a height of about 2,8 m.

It is worth mentioning one more important element resulting from the regulation on general occupational health and safety regulations - rooms for heating employees. This entry reads as follows: When working outdoors or in unheated rooms, employees should be provided with rooms close to their workplaces that allow them to shelter from precipitation, warm themselves and change clothes. These rooms should be equipped with devices for heating meals. (…) The temperature of at least 16 degrees Celsius should be ensured in the rooms for employees' heating.

Keep this in mind when choosing container for construction, it should be checked whether it is properly insulated to provide shelter and maintain the required temperature. Reliable manufacturers use mineral wool in combination with a vapor barrier foil for this purpose. In order for the insulation to play its role effectively, the wool should be about 100 mm thick.

Sanitary containers as an alternative to toi-toi

In addition to the construction industry, sanitary containers are used in the broadly understood event business - during mass events, festivals, in seasonal cinemas and other outdoor entertainment or catering zones. Each container can be adapted to the needs of a specific place. Well-designed connection points will be easy to connect and their location can be agreed on the basis of an analysis of the map of water and sewage networks. However, in order to receive such a professionally prepared container, you need to order it from an experienced manufacturer.

Sanitary containers | Ultramodule

Sanitary containers | Ultramodule

As you know, one of the key advantages of containers is their mobility, which is especially important in an industry whose work is assumed to be short-term or seasonal. A music festival lasts for several days, a summer cinema is open for three months, and a big party to celebrate the beginning of summer is just one evening - regardless of this, sanitary facilities must be provided. The quality and comfort of using sanitary containers is incomparably greater than in the case of classic toi-toi. There are really small sanitary containers available on the market, so the argument of available space also does not speak in favor of "blue booths".

Less known use of sanitary containers

Modern and professionally made sanitary containers can also be used in many other places, not only at the construction site or during outdoor events. They can be a perfect complement to a large urban playground or park. They are also popular as shower areas and toilets by outdoor swimming pools, because the costs of their erection and maintenance in the off-season are lower than for traditional buildings. They are less frequently used as back-up facilities, for example on training grounds during military exercises, but even here they are still gaining popularity due to their price and ease of relocation.

In recent years, sanitary containers have been used more and more often to build toilets in free motorway car parks. The scale of this application is growing, because the standard of such pavilions is better than classic toi-toi. Also, keeping clean in such facilities is much easier.

Features of sanitary containers for which they are worth using

It is worth choosing sanitary containers for construction, as a back-up facility for public utility facilities or instead of toi-toi during outdoor events. They have many advantages, and at the same time are attractively priced. The key advantages of containers over other solutions are:

  • short implementation time of fully functional sanitary facilities in any place,
  • ensuring high-standard sanitary conditions in every place,
  • the possibility of easy and quick expansion, when the need arises,
  • mobility and the possibility of multiple use - the containers can be easily transported, and assembly in a new place is done using a crane or HDS and takes only several minutes,
  • the possibility of adjusting the equipment of the container to individual needs and expectations.

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